Wednesday, October 05, 2011

I Dreamt of Rocky

it's been a month since rocky left.. i still miss him everyday.. every morning b4 i go to work.. every evening when i come home.. every night when i looked out my gate and i cant find him there..

finally, i dreamt of rocky last nite.. i dreamt he's still around.. playing around my car.. and i called out to him, "rocky-chan".. he wagged his tail.. let me touched his head like how i used to sayang him... i miss him so, so much!! :( haii... really, really miss him a lot!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Past 6 Months

i've not been blogging for the longest time ever.. haha.. i was juz being plain lazy.. and today decided to post some updates :D

August 2010

went to I-City for the first.. nothing much there.. but the lightings are actually really beautiful..

pity birdie got killed up the pole..

September 2010

spotted 2 large wild mushrooms at my neighbour's.. din realize it was there earlier during the day tho'

hehehe.. looks like nipples to me :P

up close on the mushroom

October 2010

went Melaka wif el, zz & wc.. had fun tog and oso enjoyed the food! yumss..

jonker street

nyonya food! the ponteh is good~~

satay celup.. the yummiest of all delicacies! wahahahahaha
there's actually 1 more, the cheesecake crepe.. @Nadeje Patisserie Cafe, Taman Melaka Raya..

a dead crow by the sea.. hhmm.. i juz snap anything.. weird rite? LOL

rocky's pool of vomitted blood
doc's initial suspected rat poison or cancer..

thankfully, he stopped vomitting blood after discharged frm the hospital.. but he vomitted 1 more time bout 2 weeks later.. however, he's good till now after the last vomit.. did not get the actual diagnosis but have to monitor him from time to time..

rocky, taken today..
in good health..
his bark is still at his loudest :D
i love him a lot!!!!!!

November 2010

celebrated zz's bday @Tao, Sunway Giza
i personally thinks Tenji is way better...

December 2010

hwei came back!! she go home to do some preps for her wedding!!!
may21 - Sydney/ oct1 - K.Kemuning

i met john for the 1st time & feels happy for hwei.. :D

i went back to langkawi in dec too.. it was a boring trip coz no kids around.. the house's quiet...

the green paddy field opposite uncle's warehouse.. it's actually a very nice green scenery there..

went to the wet market wif mom and saw this mini watermelons.. the malays eat it raw i think.. to make "ulam"... so cute!

grandpa's shop

window shopping wif mom on xmas eve @1U

were spring cleaning and found this phone..
i remember a fren of mine used to tease me tt y am i carrying a brick!
but i still like it tho'...

goshhhh.... all molded inside.. but molded in blue???

closer view.. the color looks pretty but scary at the same time.. i wonder if it's poisonous.. sigh.. juz had to throw away... bye bye..

my ancient rollerblades!!!!!!
i think i bought this bout 15yrs ago!!! LOL LOL
crap.. and i oni used it like not more than 10times...
literally waste of money.. sigh

LOL the "blades" "rotted" away sadly in the box for bout 15years....

January 2011
a month of spring cleaning & shopping for the CNY..

celebrated vanness' bday @Fatty Goat, Uptown Damansara..

February 2011

it's CNY again~~
*sigh.. another yr older...........

@melaka, letting go the lantern (kung ming deng) up the sky.. very beautiful..

my dad's rambutan tree..
as old as me.. each time i see this tree, i cant help to miss my dad more...

@langkawi - yee sang wif homemade sauce..

almost everyone is here.. almost...

she is SO CUTE!
my little cousin's only 3 this year..
she called out to me, "jie jie, come.."
i asked, "yes?"
"come, i show u"
she brought me to a pot full of sand..
"what is it that you want me to see?"
" 'geng geng' (longan in hokkien) "
at first, i cant understand what she said..
coz she's talking the cute baby talk way..
after a few times asking her wat is it only i know, she's telling me it's 'longan'..
"oh.. 'geng geng'.. did u planted it?"
"yes, i did"
"you know how to plant it?"
"i know.. i put sand on it"
"did you water it?"
"i already water it juz now"
"how long will it take to grow?"
"50 years!"
"wow, 50 years?"
"50 years it will become very very big"
really... she's innocently cute... cheeky!

another yeesang session... yummmmm.......
this was a CNY gathering and oso to celebrate ml's bday..
@lala chong, sg kayu ara.. nice!

lala in soup

"shuit shan fei wu" - muz try!

my past 6 mths up till now :D

~ the dreamer
(*rolly jolly*)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

OMG! 7 years oredi?!!?

haha.. tt's how long i am with the company..
yay.. happy 7th anniversary!
i think none of my frens can beat my 7years record ya..

sigh... a little too comfortable here..
okok.. i'm not the ambitious type..
wat to complain la.. despite the longer hours, it's juz 5mins drive from home :D
hohohoho... no tolls, no jams.. :D
the bad.. late comers, no nice parking space lorrr...

okla.. each company ada goods and bads..
i'm juz comfortable here.. lazily comfortable..

i'm goin to celebrate it wif a cup of nescafe.. slurrp!!! hu hu~~ :D

~the dreamer

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

One Fine Afternoon

one fine afternoon.. as i walked out...

i looked up into the sky.. wat a blue sky.. then i looked down..

rocky said "hi jie~"
i asked "wat's wif tt face?"

rocky asked "can u play wif me pls~"
but i said NO..

i still said NO and i walked away..

i went to see the flowers

oohhh... i found a bee...

ahh.. this is how the bee looks like up close..
does it look like its back is "smiling" at u? :)
so i called out to rocky to come over..

rocky said "i'm not interested in the bee"

i turned to my left.. a lamp post..

i looked up at the neighbour's bamboo tree..
then i looked down again..

ooohh... wat's tt?!
it's a green insect...

up close.. groosss...
it has shiny back.. mmmm.. hairy, shiny back..

gahh~~ i cant look anymore!
his eyes.. shiny.. green... green & shiny..
oh no.. it's as if the eyes are warning me to go away..
so i shouted rocky for protection

rocky said "cut tt drama.. go back in & watch ur movie.. i'm pedicuring"
gahhh... fine.. IN i went..
but yaiks! a mozzie followed me..

i killed the mozzie! i killed the mozzie!

yeeewww!! thank goodness i killed it.. it's the killer denggi mozzie..
the end
thank u for reading..
:D huhuhuhuhu...

~the dreamer