Wednesday, November 28, 2007

High Cholestrol

wahahahaha.... i was actually expecting high blood pressure... and all i get it HIGH CHOLESTROL! wahahaha.. when doc told me i'm good except for the higher cholestrol, i went laughing at myself.. no idea y, but i find it rather ticklish.. hehehehe..

mama laughed me fatty... and i got more excused for him to call me a fatty... sigh... i nid to go on vege diet.. get rid of those fatty acids and cholestrol.. hehehehe.... i still find it ticklish.. wahahahahaha.....

total of 6.2, exceeded the max by 1.0.. =P blardy fattening!!

~the dreamer

Monday, November 19, 2007

Ginger Neck

my neck sore like h*ll... mom said could be due to the wind... so she asked me to try rubbing my neck wif heated ginger... hahaha.. well.. it's actually quite soothing after tt... but not quite helpful tho'..

ginger ginger.... hot hot ginger....

quite painful leh.. well.. coz it's hot.. wahahhaha...

red red d... hahaha...

~the dreamer

Toilet Seats

mama bought new toilet seats for our toilets.. i've oredi one for the guest toilet downstairs.. tt was a birthday gift from mom's fren.. hahaha.. a toilet seat.. but kinda decorative a... hahaha.. i like it coz i'm bored wif my old ones...

i chose this for my toilet... simple... ooohh.. i have fishes swimming on my bottom... wahahahaha...

mama's toilet.. i do think red goes better wif her gray toilet..

~the dreamer

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


She is oh-so-COOL!

love the way she move it!

this is a faster version... the original version is slow-mo.. but i still think she groove it nicely.. haha.. cute..

Music: Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger

if you cant view the above, click here.

~the dreamer

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Oral Pleasure

el came back from australia.. she bought me this.. it was in a plastic bag.. at 1st glance, i went "omg! oral pleasure??"

he and i were on the way to take our car in the parking lot.. quickly, i took it out from the plastic.. the last sentence caught my attention instantly! then i read further up.. chocolate.. hhmm.. ookaay... was i thinking too much??

the chocolate wrapping is nice too...

okay... i WAS thinking too much.. this chocolate company is actually environmental-friendly and also unique in designs.. i'm feeling so 'mountain-tortoise' all of a sudden... hahahaha... and check out their website Bloomsberry & Co.. they have few more designs.. nice.. issshhh... 'sua ku' me..

~the dreamer

Friday, November 09, 2007

My Canon Ixus 50 :~(

mom dropped my camera during her holiday to China!
she dare not tell me till she's home! adoi.... heartbroken... when she took back, the lens will not go in.. coz it went 'senget'... arrrgghh... after tryin to push back straight.. the lens can go back in.. but...............

cant see anything clear oredi! :( will prolly send to cannon factory to fix it.. aarrggghh....

~the dreamer

Saturday, November 03, 2007

He Cooked!

yarr.. i know.. very 'black'.. top-left is actually fried brinjal.. hhmmm.. he's upset for failing to cook it right.. hehehe.. i actually finished it all... anyhow, he juz wanted to make me happy.. in return, i polished it clean for him.. the food don't taste bad.. really.. the chicken is nice... hahaha...

~the dreamer