Monday, May 03, 2010

Mother's Day @ Hyotan, Subang Jaya

intended to bring mom to Ryu Men Tei, and juz found out they have changed name to Gin Ryu Tei.. this proves it has been a looooong time since i went there.. but we ended up in Hyotan, which is further down the block coz the first few japanese restaurants in front were all packed and people actually waited outside to wait for their turn..

when we spotted Hyotan, there's no one queuing outside.. but when we went in, it was full house.. and this waiter told us there's a table upstairs.. and we thought, "weee, lucky us!"

we waited awhile for them to clean the table.. happily, we sat and browse thru the menu.. looks good... we ordered Sukiyaki Nabe set (forgot to take a picture of it), Chirashi Sushi, Yakitori Moriawase, Sushi Moriawase C and Green Tea Monako.

sigh.. however, as it was mother's day... the place started to get more crowded.. and we waited 1hr before our 1st dish came.. then waited another 30mins for the next and etc.. we were there from 730pm till 1030pm.. 3hrs!! and some of them actually have no patience and they had to go and collect their own food from the counter.. well, same goes to our last 2 dishes.. we couldn't wait any longer.. sheeshh.. but the food was good.. slightly expensive but i'd still like to try Gin Ryu Tei the next time.. wonder how they've changed.. hehe..

Chirashi Sushi (sushi wif rice)

Yakitori Moriawase (grilled meat, grilled GARLIC, grilled GINGKO, etc.)

Sushi Moriawase C

Green Tea Monaka (my fav)

finally finished our dinner after 3 hours..

~the dreamer

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Parrot Fish

mom said this is a parrot fish.. she bought it from sabah.. and sob.. sob... we ate it.. hehe

"hi, i'm goin to be eaten soon"

closer look at the fin.. colorful rite?

blue tail.. i still cant believe i ate this fish.. it's so.. colorful!

the fish's last smile.. RIP

hehe... mom steam it half way.. dun look as nice hor? frankly, it's fresh and taste good.. smooth... hmm... i still cant believe i ate a colorful fish...

~the dreamer

Mom's Bday

since brother & family is coming over on the actual date, i decided to bring mom out a day earlier for dinner.. we din exactly have a place in mind, so we settled for Bubba Gump..

the table

we were placed in a booth.. nice decor.. reminds me of my donald duck

Bourbon Street Barramundi-grilled Fish
i like the shrimps.. yummy... sauce is nice too.. i oso like the mashed potato at the bottom

Mama's Southern Fried Chicken
quite nice

Onion Rings - macam kebab.. hahaha..

Bubba's After The Storm Bucket of Boat Trash

mom & i

this is for u to flip over if u nid the attention of the waiters..

mom's bday present..

tiramisu cake from RT Pastry - nice... the coffee taste is good.. yummy..

glad she loves the cake.. haha..

~the dreamer