Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chinese New Year 2010

gong xi gong xi!
wat have i done during CNY?
i went shopping wif mom on eve..

Hycinthus - 2 for RM15
bought this for mom at pyramid but too bad.. oni lasted 5-6days.. hahaha..

mini-yee sang from sushi king.. VERY MINI lorrrrrr....
and nothing like the tradiational yee sang oso...

our reunion dinner for 2 :D
3 vegetarian + 1 mini yee sang + 1 canned abalone soup

abalone... hehehe... mom dun like.. so i finish most of it :P

went back melaka on the 1st day of CNY.. it was rather bored.. spent the afternoon looking at my cousin's hamster and babies.. so cute rite? they're sooo small...

haha.. the babies fighting for milk..

went to langkawi after melaka.. got sick for days there!
but this little cousin make my langkawi trip not too boring.. hahaha..

guess wat's it?

baby nangka... so cute.. hahaha..

inilah baru yee sang....
i miss the actual yee sang.. had this over dinner after back from langkawi..

~the dreamer (*jolly*)

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Ba Guan aka "Suction Cup"

hoho.. went for a back massage.. and the chinese lady said i really needed cups suction.. i was oredi on the "chopboard".. boh pien.. i was so afraid to get burnt.. hahaha... fortunately no :D

the experience.. they lit fire into the cup and cupped onto my back.. and immediately i can feel the strong suction... and at 1 point, i really tot i'll get burnt! the suction was very strong.. i cant say it's painful but the pressure was somehow.. strong.. wahahaha... they cover me wif cloth.. and check on me every few minutes.. to see on the color changes.. i dunno how long but it feels ages, they juz lightly pulled the cup and i felt like a champagne being POP! hahaha..

i have bout... 16cups i think... but not all are purple-red.. they said the purple-red means no good.. got "fong sap" - rheumatism? but it does feel relaxing after awhile.. however, the following day is a bit torturous.. coz the back starts to hurt.. haha....

wanna do it again? mmm... been there, done tt.. i still prefer traditional massage.. :D

this one is on my shoulder.. like i'm being abused.. hahaha..

~the dreamer (*jolly*)

Monday, February 01, 2010

Bak Kua & Strawberry Coffee

a supplier came to visit and gave us this Bak Kua, Pork Jerky. i was told it was organic pork, meaning slightly healthier pork? hehehe..

wat caught my attention was the drawing.. PIG!!! so cuteeeeee.....

the back packing

up close.. i juz love... PIGSS!!! :D

guess wat? hehehe...

strawberry coffee from Genting Strawberry
my ladyboss gave us to try. i expected a bit pinkish in the powder. hahaha.. but the strawberry aroma was good...

no pinkie strawberry color but very nice strawberry aroma.. tasted not too sweet.. very nice.. i like :D

a day filled wif food! yummm...

~the dreamer