Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Ba Guan aka "Suction Cup"

hoho.. went for a back massage.. and the chinese lady said i really needed cups suction.. i was oredi on the "chopboard".. boh pien.. i was so afraid to get burnt.. hahaha... fortunately no :D

the experience.. they lit fire into the cup and cupped onto my back.. and immediately i can feel the strong suction... and at 1 point, i really tot i'll get burnt! the suction was very strong.. i cant say it's painful but the pressure was somehow.. strong.. wahahaha... they cover me wif cloth.. and check on me every few minutes.. to see on the color changes.. i dunno how long but it feels ages, they juz lightly pulled the cup and i felt like a champagne being POP! hahaha..

i have bout... 16cups i think... but not all are purple-red.. they said the purple-red means no good.. got "fong sap" - rheumatism? but it does feel relaxing after awhile.. however, the following day is a bit torturous.. coz the back starts to hurt.. haha....

wanna do it again? mmm... been there, done tt.. i still prefer traditional massage.. :D

this one is on my shoulder.. like i'm being abused.. hahaha..

~the dreamer (*jolly*)

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