Monday, October 30, 2006

Menses Sensed

as expected.. tummy cramp.. i sensed it coming.. quickly pop in 1 panadol.. but sucks.. too late for it... it was so torturing.. cant stand or sit.. i ended up vomitting my lunch.. felt better after tt.. the cramp lessens but it's still there.. took a nap on my desk, ignoring all my colleagues.. and thank goodness boss and his wife is not in.. ho ho ho... i'm up and feeling good..

tummy feeling better.. but the blood dripping is so uncomfortable.. counting back.. i've been donating my blood every month for 16 years!! sigh.. i lost so much blood and yet i'm still so fat and heavy... too much of toxic i guess..

hardly touch my job this afternoon.. no energy and out of mood.. chat wif colleagues and frens.. and decided to blog a bit.. lucky thing tt i'll not be that heavy by this saturday.. will be clubbing wif a group of frens.. bachelorettes nite out for Miss M.. looking forward to tt.. another nite out, another drinking session..

~the dreamer

Sensing Menses

me in office now.. all the bones and muscles are so lazy to move.. the boss is not back yet, thus, i continued lazying around.. as usual, he nv tells when he'll be back, so i'll enjoy as much as i can..

so bored.. feeling so cold and uncomfortable.. i think it's tt time of the month again.. shit.. y am i a woman? let me be a guy in my next life!! woman is troublesome.. so so troublesome.. have to go thru all the hassle every month.. those who're lucky, no tummy cramp, sore breast, headache.. i've heard some even vomit.. well, i do vomit sometimes too.. see? haii.. was it because i'm weak? or was it because i'm diagnose with some kind of sick? or was it because i dun have enough exercises? haha...

i remembered i was in singapore, many years back.. a relative of mine brought me to see this sinseh (believed to be famous.. can't even recall his name now..) and consulted him on my menses prb.. hehe.. he said i'm healthy but oni weaker as a lady, tt's y i always have tummy cramp, backache everymonth.. i was like, yea, no nid tell me oso i know i'm weak la.. and he gave me these chinese herbs to bring home.. have to boil it.. yucks.. chinese medicines are yuckie yucks.. but i oni had it twice and no more.. haha..

i've heard a lot of remedies to stop the cramps.. famously, panadol.. this is my speedy painkiller.. i'll take this if i happen to have the cramp in office or whenever the cramps take too long to heal (i can continuosly cramp for 3 hours.. till i surrender to panadol.. haha..).. of coz, it is not encourage to consume too much.. i sometimes worried too, whether will it affect my fertility in future.. hehe.. no good no good.. but this is my only cure and prevention.. at least, for me..

there was once, my mom bought me a lot of those chinese pills "pak fong yun".. 1 bottle, many cute little baby pills.. i hate tt.. it should be consumed before and after the menses.. but i cannot stand the smell and having to swallow all the kecik-kecik pills.. i wasted many boxes of tt.. kena scolded by mom when she was cleaning the cupboard.. hohoho...

another one, 'pak zhan'.. another chinese medication.. dark black soup.. u can add in eggs if u like.. tt one oso smelly, but i can stand la.. beware, u will vomit if u drink it when it's cold.. hahahaha..

there's 1 remedy i have yet to try but it can be found all over the internet.. which is the evening primrose pills.. dunno if it's good but i've got no intention to try it.. hehe.. i hate having to swallow pills.. so yuckie yuck..

oh boy... it's still so early.. hope i won't get my cramps this time.. sometimes, mayb once or twice in a year, i wont have the cramps.. dunno y.. i hope this time i wont too.. it is so suffering.. haii.. y am i a woman....?

~the dreamer