Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mulberry Tree?

my mama said this is a mulberry tree :D

my mama said these are mulberries
looks like some worms crawling out...

my mama said this is edible...
and i said 'mama, it's so sour!!!!!!!'

~the dreamer

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chewy Junior Cream Puff

mom asked her colleague working at pavillion branch to buy Chewy Junior Cream Puff! yummy~~ it's nice... i prefer this cream puff more than donuts.. coz it's chewy and creamy.. i like the texture.. and it is advisable to eat it fresh.. it wont be as tasty if u eat it the next day.. currently, they're having a promotion of buy6 free 3.. yummy..

looking at the packing makes me happy.. hahaha..

directions to eat it the best way.. yummy~

the 6 cream puffs - too bad, oni 5 flavors..
i like the almond chocolate crunch out of the 5..

u shud check out their website..
i cant stop drooling over the sweet and savoury menu!!

look at their savoury menu!
i wanted to try Potato Chicken Ham Chewy!

~the dreamer

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


~the dreamer


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Alor Setar - Visit Grandma

grandma was admitted to hospital for few days oredi.. due to ermm.. artery blockage? it was explained to me tt the blood was thick and it did not flow smooth thru the heart.. so, she was on drip for the first few days.. then went for a scan.. her blood pressure was high, cholesterol oso high.. and doc said she's too old, not suitable to do any bypass.. but doc said she can discharged :) so, we accompany her back to auntie's home.. she's very cute.. very very cute.. hahaha.. too bad she dunwan to follow us back..

alor setar airport... the last time i was here was almost 4 years ago when uncle passed away.. new building now! a lot of memories gushing thru my mind when i step down from the plane and all the way to my auntie's home.. i miss my dad, my aunt and uncle... miss their presence..

my grandma.. she shy when i tried to take her pic..

her x-ray... looks fine i guess?

anak-beranak.. grandma juz dun like to take pic.. hahaha..

~the dreamer

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Raya & Mooncake Festival

it's still raya month! :) jue, my ex-colleague invited us to her house in saujana putra to feast.. yumm, nasi lemak, fried mee, sardin puff, colorful layer cake, popia, jelly and other kuih-muih.. and we have second round after tt.. to herbaline's mooncake festival.. hahaha..

duduk bersembang & watching tv..
i look fugly... kekeke..

our second round in kota kemuning's herbaline beauty square..

so many lanterns.. all around the building..

part of the many food stalls.. all are free...

there are even 2 luk-luk vans there.. oso free.. yong could not resist and had 2 rounds of it.. kakakaka...

upstairs, at the yoga place.. yong find himself a nice spot to laze after eat.. hahaha..
and he asked me to let him know if there is such even again next year.. kakaka.. coz he wants to attack the luk-luk van again..

~the dreamer

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Guasa My Neck

i was coughing coughing and coughing.. and out of tension i tried guasa on my neck.. gahh~~ so red! all the way to my chest.. hehehe.. and since guasa caused bruises.. no choice have to hide it bhind scarf.. took my mom's and wrap around my neck.. everyone's asking "u very cold a?".. kekeke.. and another colleague from China asked "malaysia has hot weather u know? y are u so cold?".. so scarf in malaysia is like a no-no? hahaha..

this taken on day3 after guasa.. still so red..

being a bit light on the feminine side, i juz simply tie the scarf..
hahaha.. looks so ugly..

~the dreamer

Monday, October 05, 2009

Ms Goldie, Cheesecake & Chrysanthemum

was suppose to play lantern wif jessy.. but stupid period.. i had to stay home and doze off early on mooncake festival day.. but, i still get to play wif Ms Goldie and jessy the next day.. kekeke..

trying to camwhore wif Ms Goldie

my phone dropped from more than a metre high.. decided to take it from another safe angle.. hehehe...

Ms Goldie and other lanterns..
Ms Goldie was notty, she tried to spook her teenage neighbour girl by swimming along the wall.. bad bad Ms Goldie.. hahaha..

after having pizza, pasta and tomyam soup, still not enuff, we decided to tapao espresso and oreo cheesecake to have tea at home.. kekeke..

mini chrysanthemum
very nice.. :D

up close

:( my phone... ugly rite? dropped on the stony floor..
lucky thing still can use.. hahahaha..

~the dreamer

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Chocolate Tong Yuen~

was craving for chocolate tong yuen! and decided to try and make it.. see how's it like compare the one from Soya's.. hehehe....

my homemade chocolate tong yuen~

my mama rated 3/5
hahahahaha.. not too bad ma.. frankly, very filling..

the oni complaint is the chocolate not enuf.. i think so too.. hehe.. nvm.. jessy had to agree to bcome my g.piggy to try it out the next time i make.. kekekeke..

~the dreamer


saw tai thong mooncake and drool for it.. fruity mooncake.. went to IOI mall but all sold out.. then went to neway building, hohoho... but too bad, snow skin strawberry apple and snow skin durian are sold out.. but still manage to get a few of those tt i wanted to taste.. got 30% discount somemore.. woohoo~~

tai thong mooncake

inset pics i took from tai thong to compare wif the actual ones..
conclusion: i oni like snow skin vanilla w tiramisu, the rest... hehehe... not as nice as i expected.. i dislike the snow skin blueberry w green tea lemon infusion.. tasted very weird.. gah... ok.. i think the classic mooncake still taste the best la.. hahaha..

~the dreamer