Sunday, January 28, 2007

People in Our Lives

when a new person walks into ur life, be it fren or foe.. he/she will be ur new interest.. interest in frenship, interest in competing.. how long this interest will take? wat are the consequences? wat will happen1 month after? well, i was juz only wondering..

when a person walked out of ur life, be it fren or foe.. he/she will never be forgotten... histories will be reminded... as its memories will be faded.. until 1 day, it was being reminded again, here he/she is, being remembered once again.. wat happen to him/her? how is he/she doing? will we ever meet again? well, i was juz only wondering..

people come and gone in our life... without realising, u actually miss them sometimes.. for they had left with you the happy, bitter, sad, anger, lovely memories.. these memories will follow u untill the day u leave this world or perhaps, amnesia?

have u know someone new? is he/she ur fren or foe? have u forgotten anyone? are your memories happy or bitter?

life is short.. live with no regrets.. live with full respect.. live like there's no tomorrow..

and i wish i know how...

~the dreamer

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

i had lunch with a cd because i'm drunk as hell

Found this from a blogger, it's kinda interesting:-

Pick the month u were born:
January--i danced with
Febuary--i loved
March--i choked on
April--i licked
May-- i kicked
June--i murdered
July--i sang to
August--i had lunch with
September--i ran over
October--i smoked
November--i yelled at
December--i kissed

Pick the day (number) you were born on:
1-------a paperclip
2-------a monster
3-------a phone
4-------a fork
5-------a gangster
6-------a mexican
7-------a llama
8-------a banana
10-------my neighbor
11-------an ipod
12-------my dog
13-------chuck norris
14-------a stuffed animal
15-------a goat
16-------a pickle
17-------your mom
18-------a spoon
19-------my best friends boyfriend
20-------a football player
21-------a permanent marker
22-------my boyfriend tounge
23-------a noodle
24-------my girlfriend
25-------a baseball bat
26-------my sister
27-------a cd
28-------my science teacher
29-------a thorn bush
30-------my cell phone
31-------A homeless guy

Pick the color of shirt you are wearing:
White------Because im sexy
Black-------Because im a ninja.
Pink--------Because im homosexual.
Red---------Because i love her.
Blue--------Because the voices told meto
Green------Because I hate myself.
Purple------because im an ass
Gray--------Because im drunk as hell
Yellow------Because someone offered me 1,000,000 dollars
Orange----Because i hate my family.
Other-------Because that's how I roll.

Then post ur answer as ur subject

~the dreamer

Monday, January 22, 2007


din really had a good weekend.. handling a marriage can be tiring.. and it's so hard to satisfy everyone.. best wedding is still to get a plane tix and fly far, far away, instead of having dinner and all.. coz it can be frustrating, annoying, irritating, tiring, angrying, horrifying, boring, cheering, happying, laughing, smiling, shouting, crying, crazying, madding, all at the same time.. still, this is the most disappointing wedding of all, though i wished she was really happy tt nite.. it's sad to see my grdma din enjoy it and it's obviously understood y.. i think anyone in this world still deserve a fair bit of respect, wat more if they are ur elder ones..

i've always tell myself, tell anyone, respect is the most important value a person should possess, whether it's privacy, religion, race, etc.. in fact, respect, should be the basic of a person's personality.. if u dun respect ppl, dun expect ppl to treat u the same, dun even expect ppl will treat u any better.. but these days, respect is a value tt ppl seldom have with them anymore.. look at kids these day.. the way they talk, behave.. call me a conservative person, but i still think i deserve some respect as a person myself..

i juz dun get it y some rich ppl, educated, strong religion based, can still be disrespectful.. is it so difficult to open ur mouth to greet 'uncle', 'auntie', 'mom', 'dad'...? and y some ppl juz have to raise their voice when they talk? is it bcoz they want to differenciate their status? to prove they are richer, so they are more in control? or are they better educated, so they are more wise?

and i've seen my cousins.. the way they talk to their parents, relatives, even to me, my gosh... is it a trend? or is it juz how the way things should go in this century? do u realized, to find a kid these days to respect the elders are tougher than u teach them ABC? u can find 9 out of 10 kids, reading out A - Z to u... but how many out of 10 kids, u'd find them greeting u when they enter ur home? and we'll always tell ourselves , "nvm la, they're juz kids.. still young.. know nothing..".. wat happens when they grow up? they got used to it and respect juz went hiding nowhere..

i do find parents play very important role to kids.. and i was shocked to see a well-educated, mid-30s, married man who cant even show some respect to the elder ones.. really disappointing.. if next time, i happen to smile at u, and tell u, "u dun have to be so loud, u know?".. please bear in mind, i might be hinting some respect from u.. and i'm goin to do tt to tt gentleman, if i still find him treating the elder ones with less respects.. he might find me being disrespectful.. but he should be sorry, coz he was lacking respects for others, thus, causing me to remind him, how is it like, to be respected... and unfortunately, he is someone i should be respecting.. perhaps, i shall juz teach him some basic?

frens, if u find me being disrespectful to u in the past or one fine day, i apologized for my misbehave, but please do remind me.. i would appreaciate it a lot...

"Men are respectable only as they respect"
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Self-respect is the cornerstone of all virtue "
~ Sir John Herschel

"Respect cannot be learned, purchased or acquired - it can only be earned "
~ Bits & Pieces

~the dreamer

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Boo Hoo! No more Redang..

boo hoo hoo.. no more redang.. my fren called the next day to tell me tt another pair of frens are not goin.. so left me n him, my fren 1 couple, and another 2 frens which i dunno who.. suddenly dun felt like goin.. so rejected his offer.. he sounded disappointed but then.. so sorry.. juz dun feel comfortable goin wif his other 2 frens.. i'll have to plan another breakaway.. but let me get done with my unfinished business first..

another 3 days are my auntie's big day.. =) another wedding to be busy wif.. i've borrowed my pearl earrings and oso the bridesmaid dress to my cousin.. she's very happy wif it.. wat shall i wear tt nite? hhmm.. bought a smoking tube top.. dunno wat to wear for bottom.. oh well.. tomoro nite will decide.. coz friday & saturday i wont have time oredi..

next weekend.. will have to visit my bro.. =) his bday.. 22yo boy.. all grown up.. time passed by so fast... i remember he used to lived at the same flat but opposite us, and he was so small.. 2 months.. slowly 5 yo.. std 6.. form 1... form 5.. and now, 1 more year he will grad from uni... year by year passed by.. sigh.. makes me feel old.. sux.. i'm no longer mid 20s... sux.. kids start to call u auntie instead of jie jie.. and suddenly ur cousins got multiplied and some started to call u 'ku ku'.. i got few who started to call me 'ku poh'! aarrgghhh... this is horrible.. age is NOT juz a number.. it really make BIG difference to our life.. from baby to mei mei to jie jie to auntie.. eeeyew.. sigh.. still we nid to face the reality.. we grow, we aged, tt's life.. sux..

oh... and next month's CNY! yippie yay yay! although it's juz 15 days.. but still i'm all excited for it.. i like CNY.. not for the angpaos.. but it's the season.. it's like, family reunion.. everyone get together.. from far & near.. this is the time where i always fine myself being older.. coz this is the time where i see many little ones, starting to call me 'ah yi', 'ku ku', etc. so old.. sigh.. but still it's a happy season.. i feel so chinese all of a sudden.. hahaha.. looking forward to the coming CNY.. hope it's a wonderful year ahead...

~the dreamer

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Redang - Yay!

yay!! a fren called up.. asked if wanna go kk or langkawi.. but he proposed goin in september.. i rejected him wif 2 reasons.. 1st, i have to take 3 days leaves, which i cant.. 2nd, i'm not keen on mount climbing lor... but.. =) he called again asking if wanna go redang.. and the departure date is as i planned!! am excited tt i could go on holiday.. yippie yay yay!

i needed a break.. and i was planning myself when are the few dates tt i could go.. and wif AAsia on promotion, i can cheap tix.. and initially i asked a girl fren of mine to go bangkok.. she couldn't make it in april.. and i prefer april actually.. coz i wanted a fast break.. an early holiday.. though it's local.. but i love it.. juz wat i wanted.. beach holiday..

i was planning if nobody could accompany me for an early breakaway, i might go somewhere alone.. wanted to get isolated for awhile.. i want a total relax, quiet and problem free breakaway.. though this time i'll be goin wif some frens but i'm still delighted coz it's a wish come true.. it really is.. the date, the holiday.. thanks, someone up there muz be watching me.. i really appreciate it.. muaks!

~the dreamer

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Day of Disappointment - I need a break

sigh.. another disappointment day.. sometimes i hate myself being so realistic.. y cant i live in my own world wif my own fantasy and dreams? it is sad sometimes that waiting for a hope can be so hopeless.. hahaha.. wat was tt? hopeless..

are human meant to be selfish? i guess so.. i think no being in this world are without itsy bitsy selfishness in them.. i am a selfish person.. when i give, i expect sometimes i could take in return.. but am i too selfish? i ask myself, am i not a flexible person? am i too demanding?

it really disappoints me when u highlighted something many, many times, but there are no, not even the slightest improvements.. when u expect tt at least there is some itsy bitsy tiny minor change.. but it still the same.. i wonder how many times more of disappointments can i take.. it leaves me the feeling of insecure.. i hate this feeling..

frens always tell me to be positive.. think positive.. i know.. i know positive, but reality is really tough.. how i wish i could juz blow my brain and tt's it.. poof.. gone.. reality, i cant.. see... i hate this habit of doing reality check every now and then.. sigh... who can help me? myself? how? how can i brain wash myself to be more open? i nid a break! i wanted a break! even if left me alone, i think i shall go for one.. nid to get away from all the things i'm facing now.. i dun think i can wait till 2008 holiday.. i nid a holiday soon...

~the dreamer

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year 2007

Happy New Year!

another end of a chapter.. another beginning of a new chapter.. another year older.. another year of a new raise for kesas toll (ha!).. petrol is coming up soon too... sigh.. we nid a raise! we nid a raise! raise in salary.. tee hee hee hee...

gosh, i cant even recall wat i've really done in the year 2006.. every new year, i made the same resolutions, tt is to get slimmer & more organized! haha.. but it nv happened.. sigh.. this year, should get working it hard..

this year, something new.. =) i wish i could save a bit of leaves & money.. 2008, i muz visit australia! i've spent too much in the year 2006.. lost my savings for some stupid thing but i muz get it back this year.. i muz treat myself a nice, long holiday in the year 2008.. i muz be more strict to myself.. i muz remind myself NO NO to unnecessary buyings.. keeping fingers-crossed first ok? i still have doubts to whether i can reach the goal.. sigh.. i miss my dad.. my mom was juz saying it this morning, if my dad is still around.. things will be much much much much better.. better car, better holiday, better opportunity, better life..... of coz we have a reality to face but once in awhile, we cant help it but to think how's life like now if dad's still around.. he's still in my heart and he's still the best.. although another year has juz gone by...

i really nid to do something to my weight and self-organizing.. i have been so "cincai-lah" to myself last year.. i hope i can train up more on self-discipline.. anyone has any secret on how to be a better self-disciplined person? hahaha..

will start work tomorrow after a 4-days break.. charge! charge! charge! i nid to get motivated.. "i'll have a better year! i'll have a better year!", hypnotized me-self now.. haha.. Happy New Year!

~the dreamer