Sunday, January 28, 2007

People in Our Lives

when a new person walks into ur life, be it fren or foe.. he/she will be ur new interest.. interest in frenship, interest in competing.. how long this interest will take? wat are the consequences? wat will happen1 month after? well, i was juz only wondering..

when a person walked out of ur life, be it fren or foe.. he/she will never be forgotten... histories will be reminded... as its memories will be faded.. until 1 day, it was being reminded again, here he/she is, being remembered once again.. wat happen to him/her? how is he/she doing? will we ever meet again? well, i was juz only wondering..

people come and gone in our life... without realising, u actually miss them sometimes.. for they had left with you the happy, bitter, sad, anger, lovely memories.. these memories will follow u untill the day u leave this world or perhaps, amnesia?

have u know someone new? is he/she ur fren or foe? have u forgotten anyone? are your memories happy or bitter?

life is short.. live with no regrets.. live with full respect.. live like there's no tomorrow..

and i wish i know how...

~the dreamer

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