Thursday, February 01, 2007


so bored.. been at home the whole day.. slept very late last nite..

went out to meet up wif some old college frens.. chit chatting till 2am oni reached home.. then continue online to chat wif an online fren till bout 4am++.. this morning 930am got to wake up to wait for my uncle to come.. he's helping me to repair my backyard.. it's so hard but i dragged myself up.. dozed off 30mins when he went out to buy lunch.. haii.. so pity, wanna sleep oso cannot.. coz afraid my uncle might nid something coz my mom's not home.. nothing on tv to watch.. nothing to do online..

i'm so bored, and not enuff sleep.. i'm so off my brain.. my mom came home bout 6pm, i couldn't take it anymore.. went up to sleep for an hour n half.. woke up, ate oni pao wif my mom... coz both oso lazy to go out.. then watch tv then here i am.. f**king bored..

sigh... saturday & sunday is another boring day for me.. my uncle will come continue his work.. my mom will not be home.. and i have to stay home again.. f**k, i really nid to get the taiwanese drama... else i'll go mad this weekend.. f**king boring.. f**king wasted another holiday & weekend...

aaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh......... help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~the dreamer


HoOVeRbElL said...

Aiyo... how come so bored at home facing your uncle wan... call me mahh... if u cannot go out, then at least i'll be there to 'tani tani' with u at your house laaaaaa.... ;p

The Dreamer said...

haha... dear beckz.. MUAKS!! do u know how much it means to me by dropping me this comment? it really means a lot lot lot... =) "tani" we would.. but u muz make sure u dance after "tani"-ing.. ok? :*)