Saturday, February 03, 2007

Love Relationships

i was watching hercules cartoon juz now.. hercules was courting megara, but she told him, "sometimes it's better to be alone, u'll nv get hurt".. i smiled and think, how true..

it's so easy during courtship, it's so wonderful during courtship, it's almost perfecto when a relationship juz started.. but how easy, wonderful & perfect is it when it comes to maintaining a relationship.. it takes a lot of courage, trust, understanding, patience, love & communication... so complicated, so tough..

those who managed well, walk down the aisle... those who don't, walk down the rest of ur life alone... those who walk down the aisle, there goes another strings of courage, trust, bla bla bla... now u might tell me, if it's true love, u wont feel tt way... can i say, "gee, i was so pessimistic.. or realistic?"

it's really not easy... at least for me.. mayb i was thinking way too much.. mayb i really lack 1 of those criterias above.. love is not everything.. living in reality is.. how i wish sometimes i would be less of an asshole.. a fren told me to brush up on my EQ, else i would hurt myself 1 day.. sigh... i am disappointed wif myself, having being so emotional, yet ego at times.. it's so hard to control emotions.. i really should train up.. it's sad sometimes i see how i get myself into.. i fall so easily into my emotions.. ignoring hope and dreams... afraid to climb up from disappointments & failures..

to frens who're reading, i'm fine, i juz nid to get off my chest...

to frens who're in love & relationships, being dreamy sometimes is better than a vacuum-packed brain like mine...

to frens who're single, dun get influenced by me.. i'm not a good example wif bad EQ..

to myself, wat do u really want?
answer: no idea....

~the dreamer

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