Sunday, March 18, 2007

Fruitful Week

he's not around and wont be back till next friday... sigh.. i'm a little bored without him... but my week was fruitful.. i accompanied him the nite b4 he fly..

i did transcript the next 2 nites and throwing tantrums at myself..

hang out wif a bunch of good frens the 4th nite.. meeting some old frens too..

and not sleeping for 22hours since friday morning till saturday for accompanying a very good fren flying back to australia.. traveling from cyberjaya to putrajaya to klia.. making funny poses out of boredom next to a mercedes brabus slk k4.. i miss hwei.. =) frens should hang out more often.. ya? sigh... i miss skool days...

this supposed to be the penguin pose

the eiffel tower pose

i spent my saturday doing laundry, transcripts and throwing tantrums at myself again.. oh, i spent wonderful dinner wif beckz.. she called when i was about to start my engine to go out to look for food..

sunday, today, is also fruitful.. i woke up late coz i slept rather late.. went out to the little sisters of the poor home to visit an old poh poh.. she was my neighbour.. she was being sent there not bcoz her children are unfilial, they have their reasons.. and i'm glad that the place is really a fine place for her.. very clean, very well taken care of.. she used to looked very unhappy, although she's getting very very thin, but she looks much happier than last time.. but, it was a very natural feelings that when i saw those old people there, i felt like crying.. they don't look sad but they look lonely.. and somehow, i kept imagining, if my dad is still around, how does he look like when he's old.. with the gray hairs, will he look like them? sigh... i miss my dad.. i will nv see the looks of my dad getting old, which till now i'll still try to imagine.. i really really miss him.. sigh..

what is it like being old? haha.. my mom said if one day she's as old as them, she won't mind going to the old folks home.. she can have more frens there.. hehe.. but i wasn't worry about her, coz tt thinking did not occur to me.. the thing tt came to my mind is, will i be like this old people here? how is it like being old? they are like kids, like to chat, like to be dote...

tomorrow is another new beginning of a new week.. i hope it's another fruitful ones...

~the dreamer


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for your reflection. I am a resident at a home of the Little Sisters of the Poor in the USA. I guess I'm like the old people you describe but I certainly do not feel old ; ) God bless you. Pray for vocations!

Anonymous said...

The reflection and the comment are much appreciated. I am a Little Sister of the Poor, the next time you go to visit your friend why not have her introduce you to a Little Sister and find out some of her thoughts on aging and the joy she finds in serving the Lord through the aged.

The Dreamer said...

many thanks for both reading my blog.. =) on my next visit, i'd sure hope she can tell me more about the fine home.. by then, i shall share it again on blog.. God bless you.. =)