Saturday, March 31, 2007

Cheng Beng

i tried waking up early this morning... wanting to help mom wif cooking.. but i still slept till 9am, when i finally forced myself to wake up..

well.. 2007, the 5th year of cheng beng praying for my dad.. time flies aint it? sigh..

prepared all the necessary, food, fruits, incense, lighter, tea, coffee, kuih.. waited for my bro to come but after awhile mom called only to find him oredi on his way straight to
Nilai Memorial Park. so, me n mom hurried there to meet him and my cousins, uncle & aunties..

this is where we muz pray first before heading to the hillside columbarium to pray my dad

this is the hillside columbarium where my dad's urn of ashes is placed

the food, fruits and all...

we waited for the incense to finish burning.. mom n uncle asked to throw coins to ask dad if he has finish 'eating'.. if the coins, with both the same side, means no and if the coins, each different sides means yes.. my dad 'answered' yes.. so my uncle went to burn some offerings.. praying papers, hell bank notes.. worth millions, billions.. well, no idea wat currency 'they' are using.. anyway.. done, we packed and we left..

but i really do thank my uncle, his wife, my auntie, cousins and brother... they are the only ones that never miss to turn up during cheng beng... i know it's not a happy occasion or celebration but at least, they still care to remember.. i do really appreciate that..

~the dreamer
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