Monday, March 26, 2007

Lazy Weekend

he's back! he's back! he bought me a mp4 player (i like it.. tho' it's a lil' fragile, drop it and tt's it.. ), a pair of jeans (which i cant fit in AT ALL!!), and a belt (juz normal wif many holes... haha.. acceptable).. he bought a coat for my mom.. casual white coat but very nice.. sigh.. not for me.. boo hoo.. anyway, i still prefer the mp4 more..

spent my weekend doing nothing much but makan, sleep, watch tv and hugging hugging lar (to lepas rindu).. =P wahahaha.. though i slept a lot but still not getting enuff sleep... juz dunno y..

oh, went supper wif lim on saturday nite.. oohhh... he make good remarks bout me.. wahahaha.. i shall stop eating supper oredi!! well, i shud have stop long time ago... hehehe... but food are juz so... delicious... how can 1 survive without eating.. somemore it's good food! hehe..

hooray coz this week my boss is out of office.. and i shall clean my desk this week and get done with all those pending stuffs.. i juz hope my mgr wont come disturb.. he's so troublesome, making life miserable not only for me but oso my colleagues... sigh... life goes on, so do work... aarrrgggghhhhh.....

this shall be a happy week... it shud be... it muz BE!

~the dreamer


HoOVeRbElL said...

aiyah... no need to say la, this week u sure will be happy back la... since he is back, u surely will be happy back...

last week u 'mang chang' and wanna 'fat pei hei' on him only mah... hehehee, i also like that la... so i know u gal... hehehheee

correct kah?

sam said...

ahahahha... you girls with your relationships. sooooooooo complicated :D

ada you "fan", takde ALSO "fan".

anyway, have fun! ;P

HoOVeRbElL said...

sam, just grap an angmo la... bet yours will be more complicated than ours... just try it out... hahahaa... then 3 of us can share our complicatedness... :p

The Dreamer said...

ooooohhhh... and we can share those juicy details too.... hehehehehe.....

beckz.. i've been bugging hwei to get a bf for like.... gosh, more than 5 years!!!!! and she's like... selamba je... u know y? coz she's so choosy... ini tak boleh, itu tak boleh, ini kecik, itu tak cukup besar, itu besar sangat.... isshh... dunno wat she want la!

hehehe... i'll keep on buggin hwei... :P

la la la la la la la la....

beckz u wanna give a hand bugging too? hehehe :P

sam said...



Referee KAYU!

Me no like ANGMOH! And I'm NOT CHOOSY!

Like I ALWAYS say, if it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, then too bad!