Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Choya Umeshu - 梅酒

bought this small bottle like.... more than 6 months ago.. hahaha... was surfing at to get the correct information and juz realized that the fruit itself is not plum, it's called ume.. and this drink is called umeshu, a japanese ume fruit liquor.. tried drinking warm n cold.. i preferred cold. tasted very refreshing and sweet.. alcohol content 10% :D

Choya Umeshu - 梅酒

hehe... no drunk.. tasted sweet.. nice to drink it cold.. but the ume isn't as sweet as i thought it would be.. prolly coz it was preserved in the liquor for some time? but it has very nice fragrance.. refreshing when drink it cold :D slurp..

~the dreamer

Monday, December 28, 2009


how many of us apologize because of the mistakes WE make?
how many of us apologize because of the mistakes made by OTHERS?
how many of us REALLY has the courage to apologize?

i asked myself the above questions after i came across the following from an email this morning.. i guess most of us will sometimes face this kind of situation once in awhile? but i find it rather meaningful..

Apologizing does not mean you are wrong and the other one is right,
it simply means that you value the relationship much more than your ego

well... i'll always agree to the motto "make PEACE, not war"
and oso the other version: "make LOVE, not war"

~the dreamer

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry X'mas ;D

Merry X'mas Everyone!
wish everyone a joyful holiday!
tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la la la la..

~the dreamer

Friday, December 18, 2009

A Bat

i had no idea if this is a baby bat or an adult bat.. it was found clinging on the wall of the back of my house.. my house attracted all sorts of animals! rats, squirrels, chameleon, birds, dogs, cats and now a bat! oh 1 more.. a monitor lizard, which we had no idea how it climbed all the way up, inside and sleeping nicely on my mom's kembara's engine.. weird!!

the small bat.. i did not realized the bat was there.. i was splashing dettol oni i saw.. it still moved.. kinda slipping its way down..

up close on the bat

i tried to take a closer view on the face.. but i really dare not to go near it.. and i zoomed in to get this pic.. hehehe... i was afraid whether if it will suddenly fly towards me :P
pic taken at 12.12pm

after an hour of heavy rain.. was curious on how's the bat is doing.. hhhmm... pic taken at 5.28pm... it doesn't look well.. not sure if it's still alive.. dare not go any closer..

the bat was all wet.. it had slipped down touching the ground oredi.. wonder if it's alive..

updated: 6.41pm
look... its eye is opened.. mmm.. i think it shud be dead.. coz it wont move when i took this pic wif flash..

updated: 19 Dec 2009, 9.32am
the bat is confirmed dead.. looking out from my window, the bat is oredi lying on its back on the floor.. decided not to take its dead pic.. hhhmmm.... i dun think i'll dare to go near too even if it's dead now.. RIP batty.. i was actually hoping it will fly away during the nite.. but i think yesterday's rain was too much for it to take..

~the dreamer

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tea Ball

i've always wanted to get one of this tea leaves strainer for work.. found it at daiso.. the words "Tea Ball" captured by eyes.. hahaha... so cute...

my new toy at work.. hhhmm.. then again, see when i'll use it lah :P

~the dreamer

Vinegar Pork Leg

mom's cooking! she's having pot luck at home, inviting her colleagues over and she cooked vinegar pork leg.. the level of syiok-ness is HIGH!! it's been so long since i had this.. she cooked a big pot, i might be eating it even for tomorrow! hahahaha... yumm...

~the dreamer

Friday, December 11, 2009

Starbucks Green Tea Latte

my all time favorite!! green tea latte from starbucks.. but i oni get to drink it once in a blue moon.. mahal le........ but this time, someone pays for it.. haha.. dun care.. i deserved it :D

look at those pretty green foam! slurrrppp.....

hehehehe... ta-da! squeaky clean :D

~the dreamer

White Roses for My Funeral too

hahaha... okok.. i'm not dying or anything... yet... my mom's boss' father passed away, so her colleagues requested her to make 2 flower arrangements on their behalf.. mom was scratching head when she got home after lunch, bombed me to questions like "how is the flower arrangement like for a funeral a? wat flowers shud i use? can i use roses? wat color? pink can a? aiya, first time doing it for a funeral, not sure how la.." etc.. hehehe.. i suggested white roses.. she went to bought some flowers home..

when i saw those white roses.. aiyorrr.... really really nice... i tell myself, i want white roses for my funeral too.. they are so pretty.... oh.. white carnations are nice too.. and white lily are beautiful..

white rose with white carnation bud.. so pretty..

white carnation

white rose & white lily

the completion no.1
hehe.. mom had to do the top twice.. coz i was trying to move it so i can take a better picture.. but i ended up making the top arrangement fell on the floor! :P hehehe.. thank goodness mom did not scold me.. this pic taken after the 2nd arrangement which i dare not touch it anymore.. hehehe...

the completion no. 2
i like this best.. coz i like the flowers.. all white.. looks a bit messy from the pic but in actual it's actually quite nice.. sadly, i'm not as talented as mom.. did not inherit her artistic talents..

see, i told u, white roses are pretty.. rite? hahahaha... hhhmm... are there white tulips? i bet white tulips would be pretty too.. :D

~the dreamer

Monday, December 07, 2009

Ebikko Chuka Iidako Pasta with Genoise Pesto

okok... i made up the name myself.. coz i'm juz mixing watever i have.. but hey, it's surprisingly NICE! :D mom went to this place, errm.. selling all sorts of frozen food... :D :D she bought 1 tub of prawn roes (ebikko) and 1 tub of marinated baby octopus (chuka iidako)... so happened that she cooked fettucine with the genoise pesto.. i juz mix everything in.. YUMMY! :D

partial of the ebikko.. yum...

hehe.. looks disgusting rite? juz took this out from the freezer, so the white stuff is actually ice.. i juz pre-heat a bit b4 eating.. slurrrppp... the sauce is YUMMY!

this is the bottle of genoise pesto.. ermm.. i think it's mixture of some basil leaves wif olives.. smells funny at first, but i kinda like it..

the mixture of everything!
Ebikko Chuka Iidako Pasta with Genoise Pesto
oo-la-la & mama mia~~

~the dreamer