Thursday, January 15, 2009


想念如果會有聲音 不願那是悲傷的哭泣
事到如今 終於讓自己屬於我自己 只剩眼淚 還騙不過自己

突然好想你 你會在哪裡 過得快樂或委屈
突然好想你 突然鋒利的回憶 突然模糊的眼睛


~ 五月天 ~

~the dreamer

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mom's Art

mom's art teacher held an exhibition for her and few other students..

2 of the few mom's drawing were being exhibit.. mmm.. still not too bad la.. mom's always had the art talent.. unlike me.. i used to ask my mom to do some of the drawings for me during skool days :P

when i reach home, this katak was right in front of my front porch.. coz of my mom's garden, there are so many frogs wandering around.. there are snails, squirrels, chameleon, bees, wasps, even humming birds sometimes.. oh.. cats love to lepak at my mom's garden too.. hahaha

lights on & lights off
mom's creation of the year.. so called lantern i guess.. hahaha..

i can see red stuffs starting to appear in the house oredi.. mom started the cny decorations.. the flowers, the drawings, the pots.. decorating my house as red as possible.. hahaha..

dun quite looking forward to cny but looking forward to not having to work :P and definitely cant wait for the phuket trip with the girls.. hohoho.. 1st ever all girls trip out of msia.. mmm.... shud start changing some thai baht..

~the dreamer

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Last Day of New Year Holiday

Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife
the game i'm into these 2 weeks :D
but i think Luxor 3 is better..

同事三分親 (The Best Selling Secrets)
364 Episodes
to date, i'm at epi109 :D

i'm alone for lunch today.. so, bought bread and this chocolate ball
ahh.. once a upon a time during my child days, i'll ask mom to buy this chocolate ball for me.. but this chocolate ball doesn't taste as chocolatey as i expected.. hahaha..

the inside.. raisins & 1 more dunno wat.. yellow color i think..

tomoro start work lor.. feel so lazy.. 3ish now.. hhmm.. too many holidays are bad for me.. coz it makes me more n more lazy! hahaha :D

~the dreamer

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Old Places

went back to old house to take something from an old neighbour..
passed by my old house.. cant hold back & took out my phone to snap a few pics..
there's not much changes.. still the same awning, same grill, same color, same air-cond...
i stood there for awhile.. old memories suddenly came flowing..
i really miss this house.. it may be small.. but it gives me a lot of memories..
even till now, i still see myself in this house in my dream..

even the self-made bench is still there :D

few days ago, mom wanted to eat duck rice..
this particular one, at 甘香茶餐室 (gam heung cha chan sat) in State, PJ
my dad used to bring mom & i to eat here..
so, she kinda missed it after so long...

look at the ducks.. the place was a total crowd!

the duck is still as nice.. the 'ham choi' oso very nice..
top-left is duck's intestine.. :D NICE..

oh.. and tho' the crowd is big.. but we did not wait long for the food..
oni a few noises from other tables which they might have forgotten to serve..
well, eating here muz have a wee bit of patient.. but worth it if u love the duck..

~the dreamer

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

L: chloe,david,elaine,jin,seow,mooilin,me & chong
dinner @ Brisik, JayaOne
the food so-so oni.. the service oso so-so oni.. the food served was wayyy too slow..
we dun intend to go back again...

after Brisik, we walked around for a place to sit & booze.. but it was so crowded.. we ended up sitting in Kissaten.. the waitress dun look so happy, coz their actual closing time is 11pm but there were still ppl around, so we were told that we can oni order beer coz kitchen oredi closed..

after seated wif beers, the chef brought out 2 bowls of endamame.. :D it's on the house coz the chef said we shud have something to chew on wif our beer.. he's very frenly.. so, we might go back there again for food :D the food are japanese... the menu looks yummy.. will go try someday..

we drank & chatted till bout 1am++ then chong & i headed to koonlay's house where he n the guys continue wif hard liquor.. i pula, kaypo-ing wif rachel in the room.. by the time i reached home, it's omos 4.30am :D

it's the new year oredi.. new year, any new resolution? i dun have any..
2008 had been a peaceful year for me and i hope so is 2009..
and there's a lot of weddings to attend this year! :D
i hope this year will be a joyful year..
and i hope ppl around me will be blessed wif good health, good luck and good life! :D

to everyone,

~the dreamer