Friday, December 18, 2009

A Bat

i had no idea if this is a baby bat or an adult bat.. it was found clinging on the wall of the back of my house.. my house attracted all sorts of animals! rats, squirrels, chameleon, birds, dogs, cats and now a bat! oh 1 more.. a monitor lizard, which we had no idea how it climbed all the way up, inside and sleeping nicely on my mom's kembara's engine.. weird!!

the small bat.. i did not realized the bat was there.. i was splashing dettol oni i saw.. it still moved.. kinda slipping its way down..

up close on the bat

i tried to take a closer view on the face.. but i really dare not to go near it.. and i zoomed in to get this pic.. hehehe... i was afraid whether if it will suddenly fly towards me :P
pic taken at 12.12pm

after an hour of heavy rain.. was curious on how's the bat is doing.. hhhmm... pic taken at 5.28pm... it doesn't look well.. not sure if it's still alive.. dare not go any closer..

the bat was all wet.. it had slipped down touching the ground oredi.. wonder if it's alive..

updated: 6.41pm
look... its eye is opened.. mmm.. i think it shud be dead.. coz it wont move when i took this pic wif flash..

updated: 19 Dec 2009, 9.32am
the bat is confirmed dead.. looking out from my window, the bat is oredi lying on its back on the floor.. decided not to take its dead pic.. hhhmmm.... i dun think i'll dare to go near too even if it's dead now.. RIP batty.. i was actually hoping it will fly away during the nite.. but i think yesterday's rain was too much for it to take..

~the dreamer

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