Monday, December 07, 2009

Ebikko Chuka Iidako Pasta with Genoise Pesto

okok... i made up the name myself.. coz i'm juz mixing watever i have.. but hey, it's surprisingly NICE! :D mom went to this place, errm.. selling all sorts of frozen food... :D :D she bought 1 tub of prawn roes (ebikko) and 1 tub of marinated baby octopus (chuka iidako)... so happened that she cooked fettucine with the genoise pesto.. i juz mix everything in.. YUMMY! :D

partial of the ebikko.. yum...

hehe.. looks disgusting rite? juz took this out from the freezer, so the white stuff is actually ice.. i juz pre-heat a bit b4 eating.. slurrrppp... the sauce is YUMMY!

this is the bottle of genoise pesto.. ermm.. i think it's mixture of some basil leaves wif olives.. smells funny at first, but i kinda like it..

the mixture of everything!
Ebikko Chuka Iidako Pasta with Genoise Pesto
oo-la-la & mama mia~~

~the dreamer

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