Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Comical Me

i'm feeling dead.. no idea y.. finally had a good sleep last nite without those mosquitoes supper-ing on my legs and hands.. but still, feeling very dead...

i know! i know y i'm feeling like this!!

it's bcoz of.....

HIM!!!!!!!! YOU OM!!

u're always ordering me around!!

do u know i hate u so much???!!

u spoil my mood each day i come to work!!!!

i hope i can bang u away!!! far away from me!! and dun let me see ur face ever again!!

uu.. uu.. uu...uu... uuuu... i want my freedom....

wake up!! wake up!! i muz wake myself!!

no no no.... i cannot be like him.. cannot be like tt grumpy OM!!

ahh!! i know! i know!!!

i will be strong no matter wat happens..

and 1 day... i shall rule my own world... out and away from OM!!

and be happy, happy and happier.........

~the dreamer
*cartoon source:


sam said...


Your little cartoon made me laugh in the office! Good thing Jo didn't question me :D

The Dreamer said...

they are the onions.. every once in awhile they have new icons and emoticons too..

wahahhaa.. i love them too..

but hor.. tt is oso my feelings... how i wanted to treat tt OM!! aarrrggghhh.... hehehe..

HoOVeRbElL said...

hehheee... those cartoons are cute...

hope GSL278 get to bang OM far far away as shown on the cartoon... :)