Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Boo Hoo! No more Redang..

boo hoo hoo.. no more redang.. my fren called the next day to tell me tt another pair of frens are not goin.. so left me n him, my fren 1 couple, and another 2 frens which i dunno who.. suddenly dun felt like goin.. so rejected his offer.. he sounded disappointed but then.. so sorry.. juz dun feel comfortable goin wif his other 2 frens.. i'll have to plan another breakaway.. but let me get done with my unfinished business first..

another 3 days are my auntie's big day.. =) another wedding to be busy wif.. i've borrowed my pearl earrings and oso the bridesmaid dress to my cousin.. she's very happy wif it.. wat shall i wear tt nite? hhmm.. bought a smoking tube top.. dunno wat to wear for bottom.. oh well.. tomoro nite will decide.. coz friday & saturday i wont have time oredi..

next weekend.. will have to visit my bro.. =) his bday.. 22yo boy.. all grown up.. time passed by so fast... i remember he used to lived at the same flat but opposite us, and he was so small.. 2 months.. slowly 5 yo.. std 6.. form 1... form 5.. and now, 1 more year he will grad from uni... year by year passed by.. sigh.. makes me feel old.. sux.. i'm no longer mid 20s... sux.. kids start to call u auntie instead of jie jie.. and suddenly ur cousins got multiplied and some started to call u 'ku ku'.. i got few who started to call me 'ku poh'! aarrgghhh... this is horrible.. age is NOT juz a number.. it really make BIG difference to our life.. from baby to mei mei to jie jie to auntie.. eeeyew.. sigh.. still we nid to face the reality.. we grow, we aged, tt's life.. sux..

oh... and next month's CNY! yippie yay yay! although it's juz 15 days.. but still i'm all excited for it.. i like CNY.. not for the angpaos.. but it's the season.. it's like, family reunion.. everyone get together.. from far & near.. this is the time where i always fine myself being older.. coz this is the time where i see many little ones, starting to call me 'ah yi', 'ku ku', etc. so old.. sigh.. but still it's a happy season.. i feel so chinese all of a sudden.. hahaha.. looking forward to the coming CNY.. hope it's a wonderful year ahead...

~the dreamer

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