Monday, January 22, 2007


din really had a good weekend.. handling a marriage can be tiring.. and it's so hard to satisfy everyone.. best wedding is still to get a plane tix and fly far, far away, instead of having dinner and all.. coz it can be frustrating, annoying, irritating, tiring, angrying, horrifying, boring, cheering, happying, laughing, smiling, shouting, crying, crazying, madding, all at the same time.. still, this is the most disappointing wedding of all, though i wished she was really happy tt nite.. it's sad to see my grdma din enjoy it and it's obviously understood y.. i think anyone in this world still deserve a fair bit of respect, wat more if they are ur elder ones..

i've always tell myself, tell anyone, respect is the most important value a person should possess, whether it's privacy, religion, race, etc.. in fact, respect, should be the basic of a person's personality.. if u dun respect ppl, dun expect ppl to treat u the same, dun even expect ppl will treat u any better.. but these days, respect is a value tt ppl seldom have with them anymore.. look at kids these day.. the way they talk, behave.. call me a conservative person, but i still think i deserve some respect as a person myself..

i juz dun get it y some rich ppl, educated, strong religion based, can still be disrespectful.. is it so difficult to open ur mouth to greet 'uncle', 'auntie', 'mom', 'dad'...? and y some ppl juz have to raise their voice when they talk? is it bcoz they want to differenciate their status? to prove they are richer, so they are more in control? or are they better educated, so they are more wise?

and i've seen my cousins.. the way they talk to their parents, relatives, even to me, my gosh... is it a trend? or is it juz how the way things should go in this century? do u realized, to find a kid these days to respect the elders are tougher than u teach them ABC? u can find 9 out of 10 kids, reading out A - Z to u... but how many out of 10 kids, u'd find them greeting u when they enter ur home? and we'll always tell ourselves , "nvm la, they're juz kids.. still young.. know nothing..".. wat happens when they grow up? they got used to it and respect juz went hiding nowhere..

i do find parents play very important role to kids.. and i was shocked to see a well-educated, mid-30s, married man who cant even show some respect to the elder ones.. really disappointing.. if next time, i happen to smile at u, and tell u, "u dun have to be so loud, u know?".. please bear in mind, i might be hinting some respect from u.. and i'm goin to do tt to tt gentleman, if i still find him treating the elder ones with less respects.. he might find me being disrespectful.. but he should be sorry, coz he was lacking respects for others, thus, causing me to remind him, how is it like, to be respected... and unfortunately, he is someone i should be respecting.. perhaps, i shall juz teach him some basic?

frens, if u find me being disrespectful to u in the past or one fine day, i apologized for my misbehave, but please do remind me.. i would appreaciate it a lot...

"Men are respectable only as they respect"
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Self-respect is the cornerstone of all virtue "
~ Sir John Herschel

"Respect cannot be learned, purchased or acquired - it can only be earned "
~ Bits & Pieces

~the dreamer

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