Thursday, January 11, 2007

Redang - Yay!

yay!! a fren called up.. asked if wanna go kk or langkawi.. but he proposed goin in september.. i rejected him wif 2 reasons.. 1st, i have to take 3 days leaves, which i cant.. 2nd, i'm not keen on mount climbing lor... but.. =) he called again asking if wanna go redang.. and the departure date is as i planned!! am excited tt i could go on holiday.. yippie yay yay!

i needed a break.. and i was planning myself when are the few dates tt i could go.. and wif AAsia on promotion, i can cheap tix.. and initially i asked a girl fren of mine to go bangkok.. she couldn't make it in april.. and i prefer april actually.. coz i wanted a fast break.. an early holiday.. though it's local.. but i love it.. juz wat i wanted.. beach holiday..

i was planning if nobody could accompany me for an early breakaway, i might go somewhere alone.. wanted to get isolated for awhile.. i want a total relax, quiet and problem free breakaway.. though this time i'll be goin wif some frens but i'm still delighted coz it's a wish come true.. it really is.. the date, the holiday.. thanks, someone up there muz be watching me.. i really appreciate it.. muaks!

~the dreamer

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