Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year 2007

Happy New Year!

another end of a chapter.. another beginning of a new chapter.. another year older.. another year of a new raise for kesas toll (ha!).. petrol is coming up soon too... sigh.. we nid a raise! we nid a raise! raise in salary.. tee hee hee hee...

gosh, i cant even recall wat i've really done in the year 2006.. every new year, i made the same resolutions, tt is to get slimmer & more organized! haha.. but it nv happened.. sigh.. this year, should get working it hard..

this year, something new.. =) i wish i could save a bit of leaves & money.. 2008, i muz visit australia! i've spent too much in the year 2006.. lost my savings for some stupid thing but i muz get it back this year.. i muz treat myself a nice, long holiday in the year 2008.. i muz be more strict to myself.. i muz remind myself NO NO to unnecessary buyings.. keeping fingers-crossed first ok? i still have doubts to whether i can reach the goal.. sigh.. i miss my dad.. my mom was juz saying it this morning, if my dad is still around.. things will be much much much much better.. better car, better holiday, better opportunity, better life..... of coz we have a reality to face but once in awhile, we cant help it but to think how's life like now if dad's still around.. he's still in my heart and he's still the best.. although another year has juz gone by...

i really nid to do something to my weight and self-organizing.. i have been so "cincai-lah" to myself last year.. i hope i can train up more on self-discipline.. anyone has any secret on how to be a better self-disciplined person? hahaha..

will start work tomorrow after a 4-days break.. charge! charge! charge! i nid to get motivated.. "i'll have a better year! i'll have a better year!", hypnotized me-self now.. haha.. Happy New Year!

~the dreamer

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