Thursday, December 28, 2006

Xmas & Xmas Eve 2007

i woke up at 1030am.. knowing tt my uncle and auntie will come soon.. my uncle n auntie has helped me wif my house painting.. juz the front porch walls and backyard walls and all the gates & grilles.. well.. not all the grilles.. wahahaha..

sigh.. not a good start for xmas eve.. i helped with the painting of coz.. since i sneaked out not helping on saturday.. haha.. i spent the whole afternoon juz painting my back door and 1 window grille.. hey.. it's not easy ok.. for a beginner like me, it's tough.. but my uncle told me, "u muz be in good mood, else ur painting wont look nice..".. which i agreed.. coz i omos spoiled my painting the next day.. hahahaha...

well, all paintings ended at bout 6pm.. me, mom n him bathed and head for dinner at Klafz.. the environment ok ok oni.. he n mom ate the grilled salmon set, while i head for roast turkey.. the salmon is nice but the turkey is not so.. mayb it's cold when they served it.. after dinner, sent mom home.. he n i head straight to Bar Flam to hang out wif a bunch of frens.. had fun there.. took many pics till out of battery.. wahahaha..

something interesting happened at the bar.. =) there's this group next to our table.. they happily sraying the foam (snow like thingy) against each other.. even to us too.. then suddenly, i heard glass breaking on floor.. i turn around to see this lady from the next table pushing all the glasses n everything on the table to the floor.. her hair, face, are all covered with the foam.. she's obviously very angry.. and this guy, hold her hand, tryin to pull her to the bench.. when she sat on the bench, tt guy wallop her.. i cant see how she's being hit but i can see tt guy's hand keep hitting.. then the girl stand up hitting him back.. and both of them fought there.. one of the bouncer pull the guy out.. and the girl left with some other girls.. it's an interesting sight.. hehe.. but i was worried oso if they happened to step back any further, they might hit our table full of drinks too.. but the party still goes on..

left the bar at bout 1am++ then went for some drink outside and went home.. wat a merry xmas.. hor? sigh..

next day, xmas.. i woke up at 11am.. i wanted to sleep more but juz couldn't.. so woke up to help my uncle n auntie painting again.. painted till bout 6pm oso.. all went home.. i went out wif him to buy some food back for dinner.. then, finally i got time to sit on my sofa.. wanted to catch some xmas movies.. but too late.. there's not much xmas movies on xmas nite.. sigh.. i ended up watching Gol & Gincu.. but hey, not bad.. i enjoyed the movie although some of the shots are .."lame".. 1130pm, went to bed.. chat wif him on the phone.. sleep..

this is how i spent my xmas this year.. so not fun.. sigh.. next year i swear i wont be painting.. and i'll make sure i'll be home to watch all the xmas shows & cartoons i can! hahaha.. i hope my New Year holidays are good.. boo hoo hoo hoo...

~the dreamer

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