Friday, December 08, 2006

X'mas is coming..

yay.. xmas is coming.. i love xmas.. i love the serenity, the love, the atmosphere of xmas.. but i havent feel the spirit of xmas yet..

i wonder how's this year xmas be.. guess it will be juz another day? i hope this year he can accompany me whole day.. we havent really celebrate xmas together before.. he's getting very busy and busier.. i hope he can reserved some time for me..

time flies... it's end of the year 2006.. year 2007 is coming soon.. another year gone.. hhmm.. wat have i done this year? wat have i achieved? well, looking back, i din really achieved anything.. everything is as usual, as past year.. juz getting older.. i'm not wiser too.. sigh.. my life is so.. bored.. hhmm.. mayb i should think of something to spice up a bit.. i should try to change something.. oh... year 2007, no more gaining weight! tt's my new year's resolution.. hey, changing image is good hor? feel like perming my hair.. aiya, we'll see how.. we'll see how..

merry christmas!

~the dreamer

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