Friday, November 17, 2006

Hectic Morning

what a hectic morning.. things juz keep coming non-stop.. my eyes are so tire.. feel like sleeping oredi.. but i still have work to be completed.. i'm tired.. i wanna sleep... arrrggghhh....

am very excited coz Project M will come to an end next week.. M is marrying next Sunday... and the bridesmaid dresses are all done.. will be collecting it tomoro.. looking at my fren's pic, she look so beautiful in tt dress... not pretty, not cute but beautiful.. like an angel as she said..

i have to go shoe hunting, necklace hunting, earrings hunting... ohhh... i nid a long shopping day!! dunno how to plan now... and the hairstlye.... arrrrggghhh... like i'm the one marrying... kakakaka.. the bride will be having nervous breakdown pretty pretty soon.. wahahaha.. me oso stress la... coz diet havent been any successful... hahahaha... sigh.. hope things go well tomoro..

~the dreamer

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