Saturday, November 11, 2006

What a day!

woke up at almost 11am today.. felt lazy to wash my clothes after a good sleep.. but think twice, i might get to sleep more on sunday.. so went out to get mcD.. wanted to get the chicken foldover, skip the fries and the soft drink, but.. i was there at the drive-thru at 11.20am.. they're not selling the regular menu yet.. sigh... had to get the mcD breakfast.. ordered the mcSausage muffin set (burger, harshbrown and coffee).. but, when i get the foods, i overheard those waiters got their order "regular menu starting now"... i was like "shit.. i should have get my morning paper b4 mcD"!! anyway, no choice.. went back to get paper, saw bakery, get a bun, went home, start eating..

i started my laundry at 12.30pm, a bit late but the sky is still bright.. quickly do all the washing, hopefully the sun will wait for me... Ding! Dong! went to open the door.. uncle K dropped by after work.. stopped my laundry and chat wif him till bout 2pm.. sigh.. the sky no longer bright and shiny... =( then.. i found, my "smart" dog, Rocky, bit my mom's 3pcs of RM10.. shit.. all torn into pcs... whack him on his head, scolded him and screamed him into his cage.. continued my laundry under the drizzling rain.. then the thunder and lighting started to roar.. sigh.. have to move all my clothes up into the room to hang dry... aarrgghh..

hhmm.. okay.. enuff of grumbling.. gtg get ready, bro n his family are visiting and i'm still all sweaty..

this is how rocky torn the money into pcs

hehe.. playing money puzzle..

~the dreamer

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