Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chewy Junior Cream Puff

mom asked her colleague working at pavillion branch to buy Chewy Junior Cream Puff! yummy~~ it's nice... i prefer this cream puff more than donuts.. coz it's chewy and creamy.. i like the texture.. and it is advisable to eat it fresh.. it wont be as tasty if u eat it the next day.. currently, they're having a promotion of buy6 free 3.. yummy..

looking at the packing makes me happy.. hahaha..

directions to eat it the best way.. yummy~

the 6 cream puffs - too bad, oni 5 flavors..
i like the almond chocolate crunch out of the 5..

u shud check out their website..
i cant stop drooling over the sweet and savoury menu!!

look at their savoury menu!
i wanted to try Potato Chicken Ham Chewy!

~the dreamer

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