Thursday, October 15, 2009

Alor Setar - Visit Grandma

grandma was admitted to hospital for few days oredi.. due to ermm.. artery blockage? it was explained to me tt the blood was thick and it did not flow smooth thru the heart.. so, she was on drip for the first few days.. then went for a scan.. her blood pressure was high, cholesterol oso high.. and doc said she's too old, not suitable to do any bypass.. but doc said she can discharged :) so, we accompany her back to auntie's home.. she's very cute.. very very cute.. hahaha.. too bad she dunwan to follow us back..

alor setar airport... the last time i was here was almost 4 years ago when uncle passed away.. new building now! a lot of memories gushing thru my mind when i step down from the plane and all the way to my auntie's home.. i miss my dad, my aunt and uncle... miss their presence..

my grandma.. she shy when i tried to take her pic..

her x-ray... looks fine i guess?

anak-beranak.. grandma juz dun like to take pic.. hahaha..

~the dreamer

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