Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Treble Clefs

i luv the treble clef bangle.. 2 months ago i went to mid valley & saw the dangling treble clef earrings.. got so regret for not getting the bangle then.. so, last weekend, i finally went to bought it.. :P i really luv it.. i bought another mini treble earrings for my cousin.. i oso bought another set of mini for my own collection... ho ho ho..

nice or not? but it's very very loose on my hand.. but i still luv it.. :P

so mini rite? this is so so cute..

this clipart looks so sad rite?
i found a few cliparts, very emo.. i think i'm becoming a little goth emo.. hahaha..

i actually find this cute.. OMG!

this is the un-carebear.. broken hearted..

this looks so comfortable.. makes me wanna sleep too :P

~the dreamer

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