Sunday, July 29, 2007

PMS vs Emotional

i'm feeling so emotional these few days.. is there such thing as post-menstrual-syndrome? hahaha... how i wish to curl up in my bed and do nothing.. juz lie on the bed, roll around, sleep, read, sing, shout..

i was watching sailormoon-R last nite.. after that there is sailormoon-S.. wahahaha.. and i'm at epi95.. there are 105epis more to go... OMG! hahaha.. anyway, there's a phrase in the the last epi tt caught my attention.. "born alone, die alone".. how true..

we came to this world alone.. and when time's up, we'll leave alone too.. sigh... i'm actually afraid of being alone.. i dun like to sleep alone, i dun like to go shopping alone.. but there are so many things tt i shud be doing alone and tt oni myself can do.. sigh.. hey, suddenly this song came to mind 'i dun like.... to sleep alone".. hhmm... who sang tt? i think it's lionel richie..

being the oni child, i shud oredi be getting used to alone.. but weird.. mayb coz i'm always alone, tt's y i dun like to be alone.. aiks! but i will enjoy being alone at home.. though sometimes it's scary..

see, i'm so emotional.. mood of the week - rain... i'm rating my week 3/10.. moodiness is way down.. i think i'll seek my last resort, my comfort bed..

~the dreamer


HoOVeRbElL said...

adui.... scare to be alone? then faster faster get married looo... then faster faster give birth to many many kids lo.... then no more alone lo.... :p

can have football team somemore... syok! :D

The Dreamer said...

hahaha.. u tot i'm babi a? football team.. sigh.. marriage is scarier.. hahaha.. and it's still so far away.. tak nampak kepalanya pun.. :P