Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lotus for Dad

the 7th lunar month is juz around the corner... mom asked me to make some paper lotus to burn for dad's DA.. i'll make it twice a year.. once during 'cheng beng', another time dad's DA.. 2009, it's the 7th year since he's gone... i still miss him.. always do.. always will... i miss living around his love.. i miss having him around.. i miss him giving me advices.. i miss his nagging.. i miss his jokes.. i miss his protection.. i miss his guardian.. if only he is still around...

the prayer paper i used to make the lotus

ta-da.. hehe.. not so nice.. it's a bit hard to fold it up.. i dun have delicate fingers.. nid to fold it wif care so it wont tear..

lotus no. 1... 8 more to go...

~the dreamer

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