Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy & Sad

earlier i logged in to facebook, coz i had nothing to do.. and saw a bouquet of flowers posted by rachel, :D how happy... kl proposed to rachel! she was online too.. i got excited and chat wif her bout it.. i think next year they will marry.. hahaha.. i'm so excited and happy coz she's my 3rd fren marrying.. omg omg omg! hahahaha... will ask her more details this coming meet up..

juz minutes after done with happy news, got a sad news from mom.. sigh...... feeling upset, heartbroken, disappointed, helpless... tho' i seldom contact wif him.. i really hope he will do well.. i dunno if i shud meet up wif him.. i dunno if he will see me.. sigh... i dunno if i could help.. 1 tt used to dote me.. 1 tt used to play wif me when i'm young.. i really hope he will be fine..

and in 1 nite, i get 1 happy news, 2 disppointments.. :)


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