Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mickey Mouse

went to the AseanWoodtech Exhibition held in PWTC. Stroll around the exhibition hall with few colleagues..

this is a 3D image.. cant be seen on camera :P

i came upon this big piece of mickey's carving the first day i visit the exhibition. but dare not ask if we could take it till we went strolling today wif 1 of my manager, whom asked for us.. hehehe.. to our delight.. tt whole big piece was given to us and we had to oso asked the bosch agent to help us to cut those cute mickeys out.. :D he is VERY HELPFUL!

this other uncle, oso very helpful.. he helped us to use their bosch equipments to smoothen the side surfaces... but not too clean oso la.. well, it's still pretty cute :D

ta-da! Welcome Mickey!

~the dreamer

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