Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fullhouse - NZX

was thinking tt since CNY is near, perhaps, bring mom to go to Niu Ze Xui for a walk, as she has never been there before.. unfortunately, the place has closed down, the oni place tt is still open inside is Fullhouse.. sad sad.. according to one of the waitress, the place has been closed for omos 6months.. but there are some shoplots outside which are still in operation.. oni the shops inside are all closed.. was surprised arriving to see a dark place with oni lights from Fullhouse.. anyway, mom has always wanted to try to dine at this place, so we juz stay to eat..

garden feel with modern korean theme

part of the place outside the restaurant

mom and 2 white lambs.. i like the lambs.. wahahaha...

the menu - magazine booklet type, the last few pages has its comics too.. quite cute..

Grilled Mix Seafood (RM28.90)
i share this wif mom, coz with the price, i expected.. a bigger portion? hehe..
anyway, portion oni enuf for 1..
the bottom is mashed potato topped with 1 scallop, 1 oyster and few small slices of salmon, squids, prawns, mushrooms and oranges..
orange sauce, not too sweet.. something unique.. yummy..
a bit expensive tho'

Wok-Sear Chicken Chop (RM16.90)
tasted nice too.. the sauce is good..
mashed potato topped with 1 slice for chicken thigh, i think..
portion wise, average

Forest Mushroom Soup with toasted almonds (RM8.90)
teacup-sized, tasted ok..
portion - small

Vanilla Ice Blended + Passionfruit (RM7.90)
i like.. yummy :D

Lavender Flower Tea (RM6.90)
i'm not a lavender person.. hehe..

other than the above, there's another cup of Lime Juice at RM3.90
total of the bill, RM80.74 inclusive of tax
you can have a look at their menu online FULLHOUSE

~the dreamer

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