Friday, January 08, 2010

Rocky and the Bully

in my neighbourhood.. in fact, the neighbour right down at the end of the road.. is a irresponsible owner! let his dog out pooping all around and WITHOUT LEASH! $@#$$%$%&&*

this dog is a bully!! i was warned by mom bout it 2 days earlier.. coz rocky fought and almost got bitten by this dog bully!

wat happened was, as usual, i bring rocky out to poop.. juz as i walked, think bout 2 metres from my gate, i saw tt dog bully! and he saw rocky too! both were agitated.. my response was slow as i was struggling to hold on to rocky's leash (while he was eager to run towards tt bully too) and another hand reaching for my keys in the pocket!

i managed to open the gate.. but the bully was oredi near... while i pulled rocky in, both of them manage to bite each other... i dunno if tt bully was hurt... i was still holding onto rocky's leash coz he kept wanting to fight wif the bully which was still barking outside the gate.. after awhile, i saw drops of blood on the floor.. then oni i saw rocky's cone, was bloodied.. i was damn angry!!!

i pulled rocky in and cleaned him.. while waiting for the dog to go away... i saw, tt bully, attacked another neighbour's dog.. tt girl was holding a stick.. she hit the bully when he wanted to attack her dog.. and both the girl and the dog quickly go into the house..

stupid bully! i'll go out holding a stick too.. and sorry to say, if tt bully attack rocky again.. i will have to hit him! irresponsible owner!! and the owner is NO WHERE to be seen!!!! how can he unleash his dog and let him walk alone unsupervised and attacking other dogs!

see those in red circles? all rocky's blood!

bloodied cone
and nope, no sign of pain or watsoever.. and i found a tooth.. i guessed the blood was from the tooth coz i cant seem to find any wounds..

oh and why is rocky wearing the cone? coz his right ear has inflammation again.. now i have to clean his pus daily... doc said might nid to do operation.. else it will not fully recover... sigh.. will arrange for that after the chinese new year :(

~the dreamer

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