Thursday, July 06, 2006


i'm so free tonite.. he's outstation.. mom's pampering her flowers and plants... i've got nothing much to do.. went to yk's website to download some pics.. pics from 2 occasions, 1 is a fren's promotion bbq and another is frens' joint bday karaoke... looking at those pics.. i kinda miss them.. i mean having fun together.. =)

i used to hate taking pics but now i find it... it's a very nice and memorable way of keep everyone together... sometimes when i'm sad.. i'll juz go thru my pics drive... looking at those pics.. those memories come flashing back to me 1 by 1... though we may have lost contacts, though we may not always see each other.. those pics.. are really precious to me..

i'm a reserved type of person.. i'm nv the initiator.. but i'm tryin hard now to be more open and cheerful.. i'm always feeling lonely and left out.. but i'm really glad tt though i seldom contact my frens, they still remember me.. sometimes of coz they wanted a favor from me.. but i'm glad tt they remember me when they nid tt particular favor.. especially m, i nv tot tt she would contact me and give me the honour to help her out in her wedding.. and to all my girl frens.. they are all ears to me when i nid them to listen.. i really appreciate it.. though i may not say it out.. but i do really glad to have them as frens..

frens are so important.. no matter for joy or for sadness...

~ the dreamer

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