Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rojak Entry

juz went over a fren's blog.. saw her bday pics.. glad tt she's happy over tt side of the world.. i'm always envy how come my frens get to go overseas but i dun.. hhmm.. =/ well, tough luck.. at the same time, feeling bad.. i promised her a bday present last year.. bought it but did not manage to send it.. and this year, i dare not mention but i promised myself i muz make it up for her.. sigh.. i really have a bad habit.. this year i'm definitely late.. but i hope she still like the gifts...

i'm obviously not tryin hard enuff to putting off this heavy weight.. sux.. i juz luv to eat so much... hahaha.. each time he looks for me.. sure i'll ask him to bring me out for food!! gosh... really really have to put in more effort.. =P

had a busy week at work.. but still did not manage to finish wat i've planned to finish this week.. i'm so not organize.. well, i dunno how to be organize.. hahaha... work is a bore.. each day it's so hard to drag myself to work... and when work, juz cant wait the time for home..

now tt i'm home.. i feel so sleepy... i think i'll surf a bit and get my sleep.. hahaha... nitieniteee..

~ the dreamer

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