Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Why me la...

no idea y but it has to be me.. i am definitely not important in T, how come i have to do most of the stuffs? HS, find me.. IT, find me.. appt, find me.. eng dept, find me.. pur dept, find me.. see doc, find me.. telephone line out, find me.. throw rubbish, find me.. make tea, find me.. trainings, find me.. S-meeting oso find me!! how come i'm involve in everything?? $$ like peanut but work have to BSBH (hokkien-bao sua bao hai).. this is not the right way.. this is not how to save cost! i'm oni 1 person.. how come it has to be me? even prod stuffs they oso find me.. wtf! though everything is minor minor but when u add it all up is a major!! how can i cope?? when i dun get things done on time, the blame is on me.. how come they nv think it's their problem as well?? all so F! how come i dun get to have a more focus job? i'm beginning to feel like a rubbish dump.. dumping all to me... 8 more months.. and tt's it... 8 more months, F!

~the dreamer

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