Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Weeks That Gone By...

it has been more than 2 weeks, my emotional has been going through drastic ups n downs.. causing myself hormone imbalance.. shitz.. i'm having brown spots almost everyday! sigh.. eye bags, dark circles... arrrgghhhh.... when will this end? when will it stop "raining" and "storming"? when will it go back to the peaceful old life? shitzy shitz.. keeping myself busy and to not occupied my brains wif unnecessary, stupid, negatives thoughts! sigh... nid to stop torturing my brain.. to that, i seek resort to the following anime & dramas...

been watching this since months ago.. still watching :P but stopped to watch others.. this anime is so so so so cute! noisy.. but cute.. my favorite... :)

Dicey Business
funny! dramatic! but i dun quite understand bout the show hand, black jacks n all... hehe.. prolly coz i nv knew how to play.. :P

Heavenly In-Laws
okok lor.. quite funny..

Reaching for the Stars
old drama.. cute but i'm watching coz there're SHE in it.. hahaha..

tomolo.. laundry & housekeeping! i nid to stuff my brain full of things to do... aarrgghh...

~the dreamer

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