Wednesday, August 15, 2007


i din get any better.. things are still the same.. i'm praying very hard that it all goes smoothly.. it's been 3 weeks.. i really hope everything will turn out well.. at times, i desperately wish i could turn back time.. i really dun understand, y things can be really so unfair.. i really wish everything can go back to the same old time.. but there's nothing i could do other than juz pray.. sigh..

life is really suffering and torturing.. no wonder my grandma always tell me, shud she have the chance to reincarnate, she wants to be a stone.. with no worries, no brains, no feelings.. but i always tell her, stones have to stay under rain n hot sun, as days goes by, big stones will break bcome many small stones.. hmmm... stone not so good too ya?

dunno la.. i dunno wat i can do anymore.. i juz felt like doing nothing and juz let the sky falls on me.. but my brain juz wont stop thinking, turning, feeling.. shitzy shitz..

i'm diverting my attention every nite on dramas.. here goes another one..

Westside Story
(5566, Cyndi Wang)

~the dreamer

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