Monday, October 01, 2007

Another Belated Bday Present

i had a blardy frust morning from OB.. was busy the whole day.. by the time i get home, i'm a lil' tired..

i went bathing this evening at about 7pm.. came down to find my mom shouting to me "surprise!" holding the bouquet and he, sitting there too.. but i knew it's not from him.. coz our anniversary juz passed, my bday's over, he cant possibly send me flowers for his own bday, dun think he's even proposing...

he n mom kept asking who's "vincent teh"... of all surname, they mention 'teh'.. and it gave me a strong feeling, it's not from a guy... hahahaha.. correcto! it's from a good fren of mine from college.. i shall call her mama 'teh'.. hahaha..

hahaha.. ever since i knew her, she tried getting piggies for my bday every year... this year is an exception.. but still like it lot..

flowers & the packaging cantik a..

ta da.... the necklace..

had fun taking photos actually.. hehehe..

it's a bird... it's a bug... yay, it's a butterfly!
lame me.. hahaha.. i think it's pinky shell like material..

~the dreamer

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