Sunday, October 07, 2007

A "Banting" Afternoon

after more than 2 months of planning, me frens & i decided to travel all the way to Banting to try out the famous "Beggar's Chicken". i went there once many, many years ago.. dad brought mom & i to tried it.. but it was so many years ago, i cant remember how's it like anymore..

and although it's oredi past a month n half, i was still being treated free lunch as a belated birthday meal.. kam sia very much dearies...

it's a hot sunday noon at Jalan Bukit Jugra, Banting

here we are at 丐帮名菜叫化餐厅, to eat Banting's famous
"Beggar's Chicken" aka Hak Yi Kai or Kiu Fa Kai (叫化鸡)

Jason (Ah Xian from 阿贤人情味) was here..

here's our menu... all are very yummy!
i personally like the rice & the soup..

after 6 dishes of meat.. we decided to order an additional green
for digestions.. hahahaha....

the nicer view.....

look whose head is poppin' out yo.....

ta-da.... a mud-skipper!
it came closer for me to take a better picture..

it loves me camera...

gahhh.... it said buh-bye & skipped away..

we went Superbowl, Banting after lunch..
i sux at bowling... hahaha... i was the lowest score for 1st game..

Our next trip will be in November.. destination would most probably be Sg Buloh, this time to taste "Pun Choy" (how to translate a?) hahaha...

~the dreamer

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Do you have the contact no and person name for the restaurant? I would like to try it. look nice. u hv a map as well? email me at

tks : )