Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Buang "Suay"

nice flower hor?

7 types of flowers

7 types of flowers + water

i had a very "suay" week... really... very very unlucky! i told mom to get me 7 flowers, dun care same color or same type... i juz want a "flower bath" to wash away those bad lucks! anyone have any idea how else can i buang "suay"?? do tell me... aaarrgghhhhhh........

to cool down... i had ice-cream after tt.. hehe.. dun really know if the "flower bath" will work or not.. but i juz nid to release.. i really hate the feeling i'm having now... i'm having so much questions on my mind... aarrgghhh... curse tt "whoever" tt give me this tension.. curse tt f**ker ass full of shits and hemorrhoid!!!!

~the dreamer

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