Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lizard's Tail

i was so sorry... all i wanted was to turn on the air-cond.. and suddenly something came dropping on the floor.. wriggling hardly... i was stopped walking towards it as i was shocking, trying to figure out wat was it from a distance.. and realized.. it's a lizard's tail..

i muz have accidentally cut its tail wif the air-cond shutter or something... bleahhh... i tried to get an upclose.. hehe... it is indeed... very disgusting.. i wonder if tt lizard's still alive.. i can see its bone from the tail.. i muz've accidentally cut it way too up... its bleeding a little too..

click on the pic if u wanna see CLOSER view.. dun say i nv warn u..

~the dreamer

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~ HöOVéRBélL a.k.a BéCKz ~ said...

eeeee nothing better to blog??? well.. come to think of it, that's blogging... bluek.... so 'wat tat'