Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Kinda bored..

last nite went to a fren's bday dinner at bandar sunway's Yuen Steamboat.. had a good dinner but skipped ice-cream.. coz normally if he's around, he's the one who take ice-cream for me.. no appetite oso.. tt nite, kesiannya, 4 couples there and 3 partnerless.. hahaha.. then went to damansara perdana, another fren's house.. back home at bout 2am..

got up early this morning but mom oredi went out for breakfast wif her kaki.. so, waited for her to tapao for me.. 1130am went out to mom's fren's house.. she baked a cake for mom.. haha.. stayed there till bout 2pm.. get home to watch drama.. i finished trimming success.. watching Men In Pain.. sad, epi 2 and 3 missing.. geram betul.. but i think trimming success is nicer..

Men In Pain

~the dreamer

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