Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Super Ring & Trimming Success = Yummy!

after work, went to bought few stuffs.. oooh.. i bought super ring! hehehe.. yummy..

wat i ate for dinner.. hhmm.. oh ya.. bean sprout and soy sauce fried pork with peanut.. yum yum.. then i surf around to see if there's any good show to watch.. and i found 1 hong kong drama.. 飞短留长父子兵 (Trimming Success).. trimming as in hair styling tt kind of trimming, not slimming kind of trimming.. hehehe.. so i'm eating super ring without guilt.. ;P

well, it's not a bad show la.. but something to fill my time wif.. unfortunately, epi 1,2,3 & 8 are corrupted, cannot be watched.. adoi.. so, i'm watching watever there is lor.. it's still nice oso la..

Trimming Success

Yummy Yummy Super Ring...

hehehe... look at the calories.. gemuk mampus yo.....

but this is so tempting..... rite?

~the dreamer

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