Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sprained Wrist

this morning, woke up at bout 10.30am.. and went secret recipe for breakfast wif mom.. had a hi-fibre cheese cake.. hey, it's kinda yummy.. i quite like it.. a lot of sliced nuts, sunflower seeds, etc.. i oso shared a chicken lasagna wif mom..

last nite, no idea how but i sprained my wrist.. blardy painful now.. not pain when typing but it's pain when i'm tryin to bend my wrist.. i think i spent too much time on my keyboard and mouse.. hahahaha.. mom helped massage for me and put a medicated plaster to it.. very cooling.. syiok..

i'm goin to start my hk drama marathon soon.. The Bitter Bitten is quite nice, something like investigation story but a little comedic.. not bad..

nice? mom put on the medicated plaster for me.. wonder can i get MC for this..
cant write wif right hand.. hahahaha... :P

look wat i found while surfing at IMEEM.. cute hor?

~the dreamer

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