Friday, May 04, 2007

Another Boring Day..

Wat a boring Friday.. came in to work 10mins earlier.. intention is to make coffee b4 any meetings today.. another full day meeting starting at 10am.. but when I reached office, big B was already in too.. sigh.. where got time for coffee..

Meeting delayed, starting only at bout 10.30am.. as usual, meetings are boring.. came out at bout 11.40am.. started to clean around some things to get ready for lunch and meeting later.. I’ll be lunching alone today.. coz I nid to go to the bank.. and I dunwan colleagues to purposely wait me.. sigh.. guess I’ll go tapao mcD then go home drink kopi-o.. hehehe…

Oh.. 1 new rule came up yesterday… I was surprised and felt it’s ‘bo liao’… hahaha.. I was on my way out of office.. b4 tagging out, I found tt there’s a book and pen on the Photostat machine.. hahaha.. I opened it to see.. hehehe.. we have to start recording, who, when, what, and quantity… oh.. 1 more, the meter reading… we have to open and close the cover each time we photostat and to view the meter reading.. 1 day the cover’s going to loose out.. hahaha…

To me, it’s a waste of time.. yes, recording is good.. but when u’re in a hurry, will u still fill it up patiently? Really ‘bo liao’ but then again, still have to do it lor..

Aarrgghhh.. help me please.. I’m bored.. I’m not in the mood for work.. blardy full of shit.. hhmm… wat shud I have for lunch? Fillet? mcChicken? mcDeluxe? Headache.. ohh.. foldover! Hehehe… I think I’ll juz buy ala carte.. so I can have my kopi-o.. hehehe… foldover + kopi-o… wahaha..

~the dreamer

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