Tuesday, May 22, 2007

La la la la la ~

finished Hana Kimi last weekend.. indeed a good recommendation hwei.. but i'm NOT watching HYD!! tak suka tak suka laaa.........

after Hana Kimi.. no idea wat to watch next.. so, at this moment, will watch Welcome to the House... long running drama.. it's a family drama.. kinda funny larr..

Welcome to the House

oh.. hwei, u got me fancying fahrenheit too! wahahahahahahaha.... wu chun is truly cute... :P

~the dreamer


sam said...

muahahhaa.. i'm influential! :P

trust me.. watch HYD. you'll LOVE IT!!! have i ever lied to you?!?!?!
:D :D :D

HoOVeRbElL said...

:( all this aunties ahh... hai... i don't have time to do so lerrr... how come ah?